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The rules below apply to the whole server.

The following things are not allowed:


  • Griefing of other people’s belongings
  • Advertising in any way
    • with exception of affiliated brands
  • Stealing of another person’s stuff
  • Killing players randomly
    • with exception of PvP arena’s
  • Spawn killing
  • Inappropriate skins/usernames
  • Defrauding players
  • Spreading sensitive (private) information
  • Bullying/Intimidating other players
  • Selling in-game items for other real-life curencies
  • Abusing alt accounts
  • Bypassing AFK kick
  • Redstone lagg machines
  • Swearing in chat
  • Copying of items
  • Not following instructions from staff members
  • Hacked clients and/or x-ray resource packs
  • Using and/or not reporting bugs/glitches
  • Make fun of staff
  • Building sexual structures
  • Minimap with players on it



  • Claiming chunks too close to another players chunks
  • ALLOWED: Minimap with players (SMP only)
  • WARNING: Prices of the shops can change at any moment



None of the above server rules apply here, we’ve only established some ground rules to keep it fun for everyone

Violating rules below will not result in any follow-up, so following or not-following these rules is your own choice

  • Have some respect for other people
  • Respect the staff members of the servers
  • Advertising in any way
    • with exception of affiliated brands
  • Spawn killing



The rules for the Dutch Efteling theme park ‘ZintuigenCraft’ can be found here.



The rules applied to the Discord server can be found up-to-date on the Discord server itself in the #rules channel at our Discord server.

Click here to join the Discord server.


Not following the rules can result in a warning or even (temp)ban from the server.



FunMC can change these rules at any time without having to inform any player.

Last updated: 20/01/2023, 00:33


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