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SPOOKY SEASON It’s almost halloween, so that means we’ve got some scary things for you! For starters, we’ve updated the SMP spawn to a spooky halloween themed one.. During halloween we will also host some fun events on the SMP. So come take a look at! We hope you enjoy this small update! 💚

22 October 2021 0


1.18 SNAPSHOT SERVER We’ve opened an extra server for the upcoming 1.18 snapshots! You can join in here using the latest snapshot at Be sure to follow the rules and enjoy the upcoming 1.18 updates! When it’s possible we will move this server to our main network. Have fun! 💚

16 October 2021 0


READ THE RULES Be sure to read the rules before you start playing on the server. This way you can avoid any unnecessary actions taken by staff, and make sure everyone has a fun time on the server! Up-to-date rules:

4 September 2021 0


SMP – THE MAZE UPDATE The maze on the SMP is now renewed. We’ve gone for a harder to complete maze, but the reward is also a lot higher. Also means, people who’ve completed the maze before can now get the reward of completing the maze again. From now on, we will renew the maze…
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3 September 2021 0


UNLEASHED Welcome to our new Survival gamemode, Unleashed! In this gamemode there are literally no rules, this means hacking is allowed, griefing is allowed, everything that you can think of is allowed. * Are you gonna come play with us? Join now on on Java and Bedrock! * = with exception of real life…
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2 September 2021 0